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Back-To-School Supply Lists

9 months ago

Back-To-School Supply Lists 2018-19 (updated 8/03/2018)

Pre-K - Mrs. Wilk (updated 5/23/2018)

6 small glue sticks (purple ones)
1 box of tissues
1 box of markers
1 backpack to bring daily

Choose ONE of the following items to bring:
*sanitizer wipes
*colored dry erase markers (large or small)
*small or large ziplock baggies
*1 package of baby wipes

Kindergarten (updated 8/3/2018)
12 #2 Pencils (Ticonderoga Brand)
2 Large Pink Erasers
4 Boxes of 16 Crayola Crayons (Basic Colors Only)
2 Elmer's School Glue Bottles (No GEL)
8 Glue Sticks
1 set of 8 Crayola Watercolor Paints
1 Box of large Markers (Basic 8 Colors)
1 Pair of Scissors (Fiskars)
1/2 in. Binder
1 Large Boxes of Kleenex 
3 containers clorox wipes 
1 box sandwich or gallon ziploc bags (Boys)
1 box baby wipes (Girls)
1 Backpack
1 Water Bottle 
1 pair of tennis shoes to leave at school

****Please Label ALL Supplies and Clothing****

1st Grade (updated 5/23/2018)

30 - #2 Pencils
1 package of pencil eraser caps
1 box of 24 (or more) Crayola Crayons
1 box or 10 Crayola Classic/Bold Markers
1 box or 12 Crayola colored pencils (no Twistables)
1 Fiskars scissors
15 small glue sticks
3 large boxes of tissues
1 (or more) large tub of Clorox or Lysol disinfectant wipes
1 backpack or bookbag
1 pair of extra shoes (These must be able to be left at the school for daily inside wear.)

**  Please do not send any supplies to school that are not listed here.  Your child's assigned teacher will send a list of additional supplies that may be needed for her class after the first day of school.***

2nd Grade (updated 5/23/2018)

3 Boxes of #2 pencils
Red Pen
Several Large Erasers
Several Glue sticks
Pair of Small Scissors
4 Boxes of 24 crayons
Markers/Colored Pencils
2 Bottles of School Glue
3 Boxes of Kleenex
1 Pocket Folder
Pencil Box for Supplies
Ruler with both inches and centimeters
2 notebooks
2 containers of clorox wipes
Quart Size Ziploc Bags
Hand Sanitizer
Box of classroom snacks (granola bars, small packs of crackers, etc)

**Please be sure to label all supplies with your child's name.

3rd Grade (updated 5/23/18)
1 pkg #2 pencils
school glue
glue sticks
wide lined loose leaf paper
pointed scissors
markers/colored pencils
1 box of tissues
pencil box
1 large tub of disinfectant wipes
1 pair of indoor shoes ( these can be the tennis shoes used for gym class/ a different pair must be used for outdoors)
1 regular sized bottle of hand sanitizer with a pump
1 box of kleenex

4th Grade (updated 5/23/2018)

2 Rectangular pink eraser
1 pair of school scissors
3 RED ink pens
3 Highlighter markers
1 Box of 24 crayons
1 Package of colored pencils (12-24 in a pack)
1 Pack of colored markers (10-12 in a pack)
2 Dry Erase Markers - black, fine tip
1 Bottle of Elmer's glue
3 Glue Sticks
5 1-Subject spiral-bound notebooks (WIDE-ruled)
5 2-Pocket folders without the brads
1 12-inch ruler
2 LARGE Boxes of kleenex
1 Container of disinfecting wipes

*Please DO NOT send binders, loose leaf paper, or any other bulky items.  They do NOT fit in the students' desks.

5th Grade (updated 8/7/2018)
Pencils (many)
7 notebooks
7 folders
1 box crayons 
1 box markers
1 ruler (centimeter & inches)
5 boxes Kleenex
1 glue stick
1 bottle glue
2 Sharpies
2 highlighters
1 pack Expo markets
1 3-ring binder for Math
1 container disinfecting wipes
Hand sanitizer 


Pencils & Erasers (lots)
1 Box markers (large size)
1 Box colored pencils
1 Calculator (Texas Instruments-TI-30xIIs)
1 Box crayons
1 Yellow Highlighter
1 Scissors (large size)
1 Bottle white glue
1 Bottle rubber cement
1 Protractor (clear plastic)
1 Ruler (standard and metric)
1 Compass
Spiral notebooks (several)
Folders (several)
2 Boxes of kleenex (give to homeroom teachers)

Middle School Supply List By Specific Teacher and Grade

Language Arts
Mrs. Olson (updated 5/23/18)

7th - 8th: Note cards
6th- 8th:  
        Two folders
        Kleenex Box
        Composition Notebook

 Mr. Streitz (updated 5/23/2018)
2 Notebooks (will need 6 throughout the year)
Calculator (TI-30XIIS)
Clear Plastic Protractor
Metal Compass
Pocket Folder or Binder
Pen of any color
Large Eraser
Kleenex's or Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Mrs. Bahm (updated 5/23/2018)
6, 7, 8 Grade Art
*Pack of 24+ colored pencils
*Pack of wood pencils to be left in art room
*Pocket folder to be left in art room
*Large Glue Sticks

High School Drawing
*Pack of 24+ colored pencils
*Pack of wood pencils
*Pocket folder to be left in the art room

6, 7 FACS
*3 Ring Binder
*Loose - leaf Paper

Middle School Cardinal Time
*Box of Tissues

High School Teachers

Mrs. Howard’s School Supply List (updated 5/23/2018)
9-12 Math

5 Subject Notebook or Multiple 1-Subject Notebooks
Lots of Pencils
Calculator is REQUIRED (Graphing preferred if taking Algebra 1 and above)
Tissue Boxes

Miss Fliginger (updated 5/23/2018)
 English 1 and 3 - 2 composition books (NO WIRES)
Optional:  Kleenex, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer
Mrs. Werre (updated 8/3/2018)
1" 3 ring Binder
colored pencils
loose leaf notebook paper and or 1 subject notebook
one box of Kleenex