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What is FAQ?

FAQ stands for 'frequently asked questions.' Answers to questions that seem to come up quite often will be posted here. Watch for updates.

How do I find the annual district/school profile that is released by the Department of Public Instruction?

Any parent or student who is interested in reviewing the annual
district/school profile that is released by the Department of Public
Instruction, may access the information at 
Once you have reached the department's home page, go to "School District
Profiles", find Nedrose Public School, and click on 2009-10. That is the most
current information available. School related information for 2010-1011 will
be released by the Department of Public Instruction sometime near the end of the school year or next summer.

What is the procedure for finding out if my chlld's teachers are highly qualified?

Parents Right to Know: School districts are required to notify parents of all
children in Title 1 schools that they have the right to request and receive
timely information on the professional qualifications of the teaching staff
within the building. This requirement applies to all children in the school
--- whether or not they receive Title I services --- and all Title I schools,
both targeted assistance and school-wide. When a parent requests information on professional qualifications, the district must, at a minimum, report the following: a) The education level and subject area of the teacher's college degree major and any graduate degree or certificate held; b) Whether or not the teacher is teaching under an emergency status; c) Whether or not the teacher has met North Dakota's licensing requirements for the grade level(s) and core academic subject(s) they teach. This information is available upon request in the school office for review.

What is the procedure for Parent Dispute Resolution?

Since individual board members have no authority to resolve complaints,
other than by formal board action, the administrator will be expected to
follow up on all parent dispute referrals and to advise the Board of the
nature of the complaint and actions taken. The administrator will use the
procedure and forms as set for in both the student/parent and teacher
handbooks as a means of responding to and resolving complaints. When written complaints are filed with the administrator he/she will have the discretion of placing the complaint in the employee's or teacher's file. The administrator will adhere to all guidelines as outlined in State Century Code 15-38.2.01. to 15-38.2-06 regarding teacher complaints. 
Under normal circumstances all written complaints will be placed in a
teacher's or employee's personnel file after providing the individual with a
copy of the complaints. Such complaints will remain in the file at least until
the end of the school year. However, the administrator will consider removal
of a complaint at such time that the employee provides evidence that the
problems addressed in the complaint no longer exist. The administrator will
also review all personnel files at the beginning of the school year to
determine if any documents should be removed due to irrelevancy. Should an employee disagree with the administrator at anytime regarding the placement or removal of documents from their personnel file he/she has the right to appeal to the Board directly.
Any complaints against the superintendent or business manager, by a teacher or parent, can be taken directly to a board member for consideration, using the same procedural process established for other personnel. The Board President will act as the administrator in such a process.

What is the Nedrose School Parent Involvement Policy?

Nedrose School believes in providing all families a positive experience while
their children are attending school. In order to provide opportunities for
parents and the community to achieve this, the following practices are used to encourage family and community support of children's learning:

Nedrose School collaborates with ND State Parental Information Resource
Center, sponsored by ND Pass, in sponsoring family learning workshops.
Workshops are held at times and places easily accessible to all parents. We
provide information on child development. We provide families with information about developing home conditions that support school learning.

We schedule parent-teacher student conferences to establish student learning goals for the year. Teachers have ready access to telephones to communicate with parents during/after school hours. 
Staff members send home positive messages about students.
parents know the telephone numbers and email addresses of school staff members and the times the teachers are available to take phone calls from parents. We involve families in student award and recognition events. 
We encourage and make provisions for staff members to communicate with parents about their child's progress several times each semester. We send home communications regarding:
1. Student academic progress
2. Meetings at school
3. How parents can be involved in student activities
4. Parent Teacher Organization
5. Student discipline
6. How parents can be involved in volunteers,
7. How parents can help with homework and encourage learning at home
8. How parents can communicate with school staff and the school's philosophy of learning

We have specific goals and activities that keep parents informed about and
supportive of their children's homework. We link parents wit resources and
activities in the community that promote learning. We help parents understand student assessments, including report cards and testing, and how to help students improve. School staff and school communications help parents link home learning activities to learning in the classroom. We include parents and other community members in developing children's learning outside of school activities.

We encourage families and other community members to show their support by attending school events. We ask family members how they would like to participate as volunteers in the school and we respond in a timely manner to their offer of assistance. We encourage family and community members to become involved as:

1. Presenters to students on careers and other topics.
2. Assistants with read-aloud events, and room parties, class trips and Old
Fashion Day
3. Tutors/mentors
4. Chaperones on class outings
5. Instructional assistants in classrooms or contributors of baked goods.

We involve parents in the planning of all PTO activities and provide the space
and time to do so. We have school board members from the community who sit in on the hiring of staff members.

We act as a source of information and referral about services available in the
community for families. We open our school building for use by the community beyond regular school hours. We widely publish and disseminate school improvement team meeting notices, summaries, and agendas. We offer job shadowing experiences for our students with community members.
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